Summer Photoshoot Locations

  1. Blue Lakes

This is my most popular summer location! It is nice that you can drive to this view and not have to hike! It is a dirt road to get to this spot. So something to be aware of. It is totally passable in a car. Once you get to the parking lot, its a very short walk down a hill to get to the level of the lake. If there are people in your group that are unable to make the walk down to the lake, we can shoot at the level of the parking lot.

2. Sapphire Point

This is half way between Breck and Frisco. It does get really busy here but nice views.

3. Rainbow Lakes Trailhead

This location is in Frisco. But offers some great views right from the parking lot. The trees here will be green until mid Sept.

4. Trailhead in Breckenridge

I know of a trailhead in Breckenridge that overlooks the ski mountain. Also had a lot of trees.

5. Hoosier Pass!

There are several options for sessions on Hoosier Pass. First, there is a pull off at near the top of Hooiser pass that offers some great mountain views.

Or park at the top of the pass and head across to highway 9 to these wonderful views.

6. Other Mountain Landscapes

If you aren’t so concerned with the Mountain View then there are lots of places with trees, water, or wildflowers or the middle of the woods.

7. Dirt Road, cabin, and lots of pine trees

I think this spot is rather cute. It doesn’t have majestic mountain views, but it is kinda of remote and quiet. As far as time of day, I would suggest morning. When I say morning, I mean on the earlier side. It does get kind of bright after the sun gets up high. Maybe around 7am? Although we might be able to pull off late evening as well..about 1.5 hours or so before sunset.

8. Cucumber Gulch

I think I always forget about this location, and always say I’d like to do a session here. I would suggest evening for this location, if you want views of the mountains.

9. Sawmill Reservoir

Another great evening location.

10. Alma!

Are you staying on the other side of Hoosier Pass, in Alma or FairPlay.

My ideas for this area are near Montgomery Reservoir. If you don’t mind about a 1/2 mile hike/walk then we can get to this view. I think this would be good for a small family, couple or senior session.

11. Frisco Adventure Park

This spot is one I discovered at the Frisco Adventure Park. It’s a good open area with a big Mountain View.

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