Cucumber Gulch

A little about me…I have been a Stay At Home Mom since 2014! I was a Systems Engineer and worked for a few different defense contractors. In 2010 my husband and I were living in California and I worked for Skunk Works. I loved my job but we decided that the Antelope Valley of California was not where we wanted to live forever or raise a family. So we worked on finding a new “forever home”. That turned out to be Colorado. We will never leave Colorado and if we did it would be another mountain state.

Anyway, I have been home with our kids since 2014. Our kids are now 7 and 9 years old. When COVID hit, our son finished up the school year doing remote school as most kids did. The next school year, our schools were going back 4 days a week, but there were a ton of restrictions. Lunch in the classrooms, 6 foot social distance, quarantines, etc…so we decided home school was a great option. And it was! we had so much flexibility. We were able to ski on weekdays, etc.. it was fabulous! This year my oldest decided he wanted to go back to school and see his friends. So they are both back in school and so far it is going great for them. BUT they have been home with me for 1.5 years and I miss them so much.

Anyway, I digress a bit. My days are very different than what they have been. I am no longer home schooling. I don’t have two kids in tow. So I take mornings to myself. That might be running, biking, hiking, etc… Today I went and took a walk with my camera in Cucumber Gulch.

M Family {Blue Lakes}

I met up with the wonderful family at the end of August. We had some decent weather for their session at Blue Lakes. Since it was the end of the summer season, it was not crowded up there at all. Here are a few of my favorite images from their session.

Hiking Lower McCullough Gulch

You may have seen my video from earlier this summer about hiking McCullough Gulch to the waterfall and lower lake! Well, there is actually a Lower McCullough Gulch trailhead! It is located off of highway 9 across The Lodge on the Blue. This is a great little hike if you want something short with some great views. When you reach the road you can connect to the Wheeler trail as well if you want more of a hike.

To get from the parking lot to the road it was about 1.2 miles and about 800 foot elevation gain.

Blue Lakes Fun

This time of year slows down a lot for me. Summer and winter are my busy times of year. So once school starts things tend to quiet down. That means I get to photograph my kids. So while my son is off mountain biking, my daughter and I go play! Check out a few images from last night!

Just A Girl and Her Doll {Blue River Colorado}

Meet Callie and Baby Ava. Just a short session in the fields of Blue River catching some fall color and what is left of the wildflowers! It was a gorgeous evening. Not to chilly. A bit of fall color popping in the bushes. Callie has had this doll since she was about 2 or 3 years old. Callie’s middle name is Ava. She decided to name her doll with her middle name. We had a little tea party on a blanket, and stood in the field and played with her doll.

Winter Weddings in Summit County

I am primarily a family photographer and that is primarily what I show on my website. But I do have wedding experience or even doing post wedding pictures in the snow.

Last year I met up with this couple from out of state. They had planned on getting married here in 2020 but then COVID shut everything down. When things reopened they came out with their wedding clothes and we took some pictures up at Sapphire Point. Here are a few of what we captured.

M Family {Blue Lakes}

The other week up I met up with this family at Blue Lakes. We were supposed to shoot earlier in the week but lots and lots of rain so we rescheduled for a day with some sun! Mom, dad, daughter and their dog.