B Family {Blue Lakes}

Last week I met up with another extended family at Blue Lakes. We had some clouds, but then the sun made an appearance! Check out a few images from their session.

M Family {Blue Lakes}

I have been up at Blue Lakes a lot over the last week! It is such a wonderful spot, and its so nice to get a beautiful view without having to hike! As long as you are okay with a dirt road with some pot holes. We had some odd weather last night, and had to chill out in our cars for a bit to wait out some rain. Here are just a few that I took last night.

M Family {Blue Lakes}

Last week, I got back to shooting! Its looking like its going to be a busy summer! Here are a few pictures from one of my short sessions last week. It has been gorgeous up at Blue Lakes lately.


We love to travel! Last fall we took the kids to Iceland! I got the travel bug, as we had not traveled in a few years due to moving and then COVID .So when spring break was approaching, I wanted to take a trip! We decided to go to Italy! Where we saw the sights, hiked, took a gondola ride, and took a pasta cooking class!

Here are some pictures from our first few days!