What To Wear

This is a question I get a lot. I think it is best to coordinate your outfits. Pick a color scheme and go with that. I think its usually best for mom to pick out an outfit that she loves first and then coordinate everyone else around that.


Even though it is summer it can be chilly in Summit County! I’ve had sessions range from 50s-70s. So prepare for those temperatures. I know it is summer, but Breckenridge is a high elevation and it can be chilly even in August. Also think about your shoes. Your shoes will show in the pictures. So avoid bright colored tennis shoes, etc…


This is an interesting one. Always bring coats, gloves, hats, etc..Even if you don’t want them in the pictures. You can use them if there is a short walk or if we are shooting different groups of people. Alway, always, always bring the warm clothes for winter shoots.

If it is really cold consider doing your shoot in winter gear. If kids are cold there is not much anyone can do to get a smile out of them. If you own “cute” winter coats, besides your ski coats…bring them! Also consider putting thermals underneath clothes. Handwarmers…bring those too and open them before your shoot so they are nice and warm. Those little knit gloves can help to keep hands warm and are cute in pictures.