Baby Announcement Session {Sapphire Point}

A couple of weeks ago I met up with these two, to take some baby announcement photos. They got engaged at Sapphire Point so decided to go back to Sapphire Point for the announcement photos.

Saahil + Sabrina {Sapphire Point}

These two were in Breckenridge for vacation and got engaged! We had a really nice day. Earlier in the day it was cloudy and not a lot of visibility. But it cleared up by afternoon. It wasn’t super cold and we had great views of the mountains! Congrats to Saahil and Sabrina!

M Family {Sapphire Point}

Back in February I met up with this extended family up at Sapphire Point. Glad we got the session in before the clouds rolled in and you couldn’t see the mountains anymore!

P Family Pregnancy Announcement {Hoosier Pass}

Wow do I love this spot! Unfortunately when you park in the parking lot you do not have a view of the mountains. So you have to walk uphill about 5-10 minutes. But gosh is that view worth it! If you are thinking about doing this location, make sure your up for the walk andContinue reading “P Family Pregnancy Announcement {Hoosier Pass}”

P Family {Sapphire Point}

Glad we were able to get this shoot in with a mountain view. It got cloudy but you could see the mountains. Sometimes the clouds drop down and you can’t see anything but white. Check out this family at Sapphire Point.

F Family {Windy Point}

Back in December, I met up with this family of 4. They liked the idea of having Buffalo Mtn in the background. I have to admit this area is nice. Great views and it is quiet.

L Family {Boreas Pass Trees}

We were supposed to do this session with a nice view of Breckenridge, however it snowed the day of their session, so we couldn’t see the mountains at all. So we had to stick to the trees.

H Family {Windy Point}

A couple of weeks ago, I met up with this family at the parking lot near Prospector Campground. Such nice views of Buffalo Mountain.

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