B Family {Blue Lakes}

This family live out in Minturn, but came out here to see do pictures at Blue Lakes. I seriously loved this session! Just lots of fun, and good weather! In the fall when things are getting cool quickly (as the sun goes behind the mountains) it is best to shoot around 3pm or so. It’ll […]

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K Family {Blue Lakes}

This family of 4 came out to Breckenridge with their mom/grandmom. We met up at Blue Lakes and took some family pictures, both at the top of the lake and down at the lake. On that particular night there were a couple of mountain goats wandering around. They came right up to the family, we […]

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D Family {SApphire Point}

I started off August with two sessions in one day. The first one was chilly, overcast and sprinkles of rain. The kids weren’t happy cause it was cold. I moved this session to a different location that way if it rained we could get to our cars easy. Well, wouldn’t you know it..we had sun, […]

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L Family {Blue Lakes}

This session was interesting to say the least. We were supposed to shoot for 30 minutes. It was cold, and cloudy and a little sprinkly. Due to the weather and coming over from Vail, the family got there a bit late. I ended up with about 10 minutes to shoot since I had another session […]

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V Family {Blue Lakes}

At the end of August, when things are calming down here in Breckenridge as kids are heading back to school, I met up with this family at Blue Lakes. It was a nice night, not much wind, and no one else around!

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