Dalton + Elana {Proposal at SApphire Point}

I shot this proposal at the beginning of September. Dalton contacted me at the last minute cause he needed a new photographer. I planned to meet them up at Sapphire Point at 6. I always ask people to let me know what they are wearing so I can spot them. Thats when he told me his girlfriend had a broken foot and was on a knee scooter.

I had told them to go to the left instead of down to the overlook cause it was reserved at the time for a wedding. What I wasn’t planning for….since Elana was on a knee scooter she took off down the rec path! So here I am anxiously following them trying not to be noticed but there is not a lot of places to hide, and I also didn’t want to loose them! Dalton ended up proposing down the rec path in the trees, so there was no mountain view. Once the initial moment was over, I decided that we should go back up the rec path and recreate the moment with a mountain view. So we have two sets of proposal pictures here.

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