Winter Locations – Short Sessions

I keep my short sessions to Breckenridge and Blue River areas. Here are some location options for your short session.

  1. Sapphire Point This is a very popular location. The downfall is at certain times of the year it can be very crowded. Especially around Christmas and New Years. The views are gorgeous though.

2. Trailhead on Ski Hill Rd

This is a nice location, but it not as heavily used so the snow is not as packed down. So I would not suggest this location for a large groups. Families of about 6 or less this is a nice spot. It is quiet and lots of snow, tree, and some mountains.

3. Closed Road with Trees: This can be beautiful in the winter. Some of our roads close once the snow starts flying. Boreas Pass is one of them. Right at the start of the closure there are trees on either side. If you can catch this right after a snowfall it is gorgeous! If you don’t care so much about a Mountain View, this is a great spot. This is also a good location on a stormy or windy day.

4. Boreas Pass Viewpoint: This is short walk from the parking lot on Boreas Pass. It is good to note this is about a 5 minute walk to some gorgeous views of Breckenridge. This is my favorite location to shoot at. But be prepared that you will have to walk a little bit.

6. Hoosier Pass: This requires an uphill walk. About a 5 minute walk but it is uphill. The trail is usually packed down as it is popular place to snowshoe, etc..It is a very nice view but you will have to walk to it as its mostly trees at the parking lot. I would suggest this location on a day when the weather is nice.

6. Sawmill Museum: This is a cute spot. The parking lot is not huge so this is probably better for small families. Not much of a Mountain View though but a cute area with an old building, some aspen tress, snow.

We can get a mountain view here, but I suggest this only for couples and very small groups. The reason being is the trail only gets packed down in a narrow area. If you go off that packed down area you will be in deep snow. There are also areas with aspen trees.

I am local and always on the lookout for some new winter locations! I will update this as I find something new to add. Winter does get harder as some places are hard to access due to snow. I did find a location I liked last year but the snow was so deep. I got there early and packed it down for session!

7. Tiger Road

If you want something a bit different, then this spot is cute. You won’t have a big mountain view, but lots of pine trees and a cute cabin. The road is a dirt road. Sometimes it gets plowed and isn’t very snow covered, but the road can be snow covered at times too.

8. Parking Area near Prospect Campground

I started using this spot some this winter. Its not usually too crowded and has nice views towards Silverthorne.

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